tree service faq   

How do I know if a tree needs to be removed?

If you see root decay on the trunk or roots, splits or cracks in the trunk, or excessive dead limbs, your tree most likely needs to be removed. Also, if you’ve experienced severe wind, ice, or lighting damage, your tree will need to be removed. An expert from Pinner Landscaping and Tree Care can inspect your trees to help you determine if it needs to be removed or not.

​How often do my trees need to be trimmed?

Typically, mature trees need to be pruned every 3 to 5 years for optimal health. Younger trees may need to be pruned every 2 to 3 years. When it’s time for your trees to be trimmed, contact the professionals at Pinner Landscaping and Tree Service.

How often do my shrubs need to be trimmed?

To maintain the size, shape, and health of your shrubs, they should be trimmed annually. Pinner Landscaping and Tree Care provide professional shrub trimming services to maintain your shrubs’ appearance.

​Will your equipment fit on my property?

Our equipment will fit through most gates so we can provide tree and shrub care services in your front yard or backyard.


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