tree on hill with sunset in background

People love our planting services because they bring 
something new and different.

With premium landscape planting from Pinner Landscaping and Tree Care, your commercial or residential property will truly make a statement and stand out as the best on the block. Our highly trained landscaping specialists can help you select the best plants that will thrive in your yard's growing conditions.

From beautiful annuals to long lasting perennials that will grow and thrive year after year, we can plant show stopping plants best suited for your property's sun, soil, and water conditions. No matter what you envision, we can help you select and then plant the best flowers and shrubs that are sure to make you the envy of the neighborhood!


landscaper planting flowers in garden

don't settle for the same old, same old

There are so many flowers out there. Why shouldn’t you get a chance to enjoy them all?

Growing and planting what’s common and predictable may be a safe option, but we’d rather embrace innovation and creativity that elevates our landscape designs with plants that pack a punch. We want you to feel that same joy we feel when finding great plant combinations that offer unprecedented color and texture and give you exactly what you’re looking for… and maybe a little more that you didn’t even expect.

We want you to walk outside each season and notice something a little different or extraordinary that you didn’t get a chance to enjoy the season before — whether that’s a perennial’s striking fall color that you didn’t see coming or a shrub’s fragrant flowers that take that special scent past your front door, giving you moments of perfumed indulgence every time you come home.


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