closeup of garden wall

create function and beauty with retaining walls    

Retaining walls add function and beauty to your property, and they can bring the right solutions to all your complex landscape challenges.  Pinner Landscaping and Tree Care in Ravenden Springs, Arkansas can expertly install retaining walls up to 4 ft. tall at your commercial or residential property. We can construct retaining walls out of a variety of materials, including brick, stone, or concrete blocks. Whether you're needing a solution for erosion or looking to create flower beds with retaining walls, Pinner Landscaping and Tree Care is here to help with our professional hardscaping services!

closeup of wall with greenery around it

Benefits of retaining walls    

Retaining walls allow you to have different soil levels in your yard, and provide a great defense against erosion and water runoff by supporting the soil. A properly and expertly constructed retaining wall is built with support to hold heavy soil and keep it in place. There’s an art in ensuring retaining wall stability and sturdiness that our experts at  Pinner Landscaping and Tree Care know well! Benefits also add visual interest to your property's exterior, and they can be used to create flower beds and add functional space to your yard. Contact  Pinner Landscaping and Tree Care today to get started!



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